Monday, January 3, 2011


"Strike Always from Shadows"

Author Steven Mattoon does an extraordinary and brilliant depection in writing and presenting such an incredible and intense true-story on the Art of War as a warrior. The author takes you in a journey into the early days of Vietnam to the present battlefields in Iraq.

Altogether, the story is an unprecedended work of art, action packed and immediately captures the reader's attention and is able to envision every scene as if you were part of the missions. Your heart beats faster in escape and witness of the horrors of death and fear in the battlefield.

The characters are realistic that you could feel, smell and share their emotions during their survival and facing death from the enemy and hostile environment!

The book gives you a fascinating glimpse, as to the different battles, and skirmishes, taken place when confronted by the enemy. You are confronted at the same time facing hostile enemy situations and making split second life or death decisions in the battlefield.

The book gives a perspective look at the enemy’s attitudes and ideals, their way of life and methods of warfare, and survival as they appeared living in the battlefield away from world civilization.

"A Must Read" (5-Star) Rating recommendation for anyone wanting to better educate and understand the lessons and reasons of a warriors mind and behavior and surviving for way of life, and living and executing combat operations in Vietnam and in Iraq.

I salute Steven Mattoon for his Dedication and Service to our Country and for sharing this fascinating story with me. I look forward to his next coming novel.

Special Order book from the author for:
$20. (Army Rangers only pay $15).

Send a Check or Money Order to:
4707 Smokerise Rd, Casper, Wy 82604.

A portion of the book proceeds will go to the:
(National Ranger Memorial Foundation).

His email is:

A Warriors Trail, Strike Always From Shadows, by Steven Mattoon
Warriors Press (2006)
ISBN: 9780615230443
156 Pages

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Sheila Deeth said...

Will mention it to my husband.

Sharon Wilfong said...

What a fascinating blog. I look forward to reading future posts. My friend's son is a Green Beret and has just been deployed to Afganistan. I grew up with a military father so these topics are relevant to me.
I review books as well. Feel free to come visit:
Take care and God bless.

Courtney Rene said...

I really enjoyed going through your blog. The War on Terror book looks like a great read, as well as very relevant in these turbulant times. I have forwarded on your site to several of my milary friends and family.