Thursday, January 13, 2011

"The Footlocker" U.S. Army Rangers Have authored Books

"The Footlocker" is part of The National Ranger Memorial Foundation and is a collection of U.S. Army Ranger-related news topics. The purpose of "The Footlocker" is to let you know about books, DVDs, websites, art and programs written or developed by individual U.S. Army Rangers. It can also include other items of interest to the Ranger community.

This series of Anet newsletter is happy to announce, Three U.S. Army Rangers attending the Lost Patrol Ranger Reunion in June are authors sharing parts of their military experience.

Desperate Lands by Regulo Zapata Jr., A Warriors Trail, Strike Always from Shadows by Steven Mattoon, and The Dirty Dozen by Larry Jordan.

"A MUST READ" (5-Star) Rating recommedation on these three Historical Bestseller phonamenal books on understanding a Special Forces soldier combative fighting techniques behavior, surviving and executing combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. A must add to your reading list.

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