Friday, December 10, 2010

War In The Woods

War In The Woods

Author John, Nores does an extraordinary and brilliant job in writing and presenting such an incredible and intense story of "War in The Woods: Combating the Marijuana Cartels on America's Public Lands in California. A glimpse of dangerous clandestine drug operation missions conducted by California Fish and Game Wardens and Federal & Local Joint Intra-Agency, Marijuana Eradication Team (MET) members.

I’ve seen my share of warriors preparing to go into harm’s way! The detail descriptions of these special operation team members suiting up, checking their weapons & equipment and planning their missions prior to going onto their operations, is one that brings to me many memories having served in U.S. Army Special Forces Counter-Drug operations overseas.

Altogether the story is fascinating action packed and immediately captures my attention, as I am able to envision every scene, as if I were part of the team members moving through the woods during their clandestine operations. My heart begins to beat faster, as my blood starts pumping harder, as John Nores and his special operations team members moved closer for the kill or chase to capture of drug cartel operatives.

You can read and witness the horrors of death and fear in combating drug cartel operatives in our own national forest. The characters are so realistic, that I could feel, smell and share their emotions during their survival and facing death from this phenomenal enemy and hostile environment in our public lands!

California Fish and Game Wardens, the unsung heroes of our national wild lands, are the first line of defense. I salute these men for their extraordinary and courageous work in combating clandestine marijuana operatives in exploitation and destruction of our public lands.

A "Must Read" (5-Star) Rating to understand the dedication, service & sacrifice our Law Enforcement Officers, are making in order to protect our Wild Lands & Natural Resources from Wildland exploitation by foreign drug cartels. A first hand look, behind the headlines at the reality of the difficult challenges California Fish & Game Wardens face as they defend America's Wild Lands Environmental Natural Resources!

Please enjoy photos taken during the book signing event!

Book Available Online thru:

War In The Woods, by John Nores Jr.
Lyons Press (October 5, 2010)
ISBN: 9871599219301
224 pages

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Laurie-J said...

This book sounds like one I really don't want to miss. I love books that transport me right into the action and this seems certainly to qualify. Thanks for the outstanding review!