Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"RESTREPO" Movie Afghanistan Korengal Valley

I just saw for the first time "RESTREPO." An Extraordiany and “Triumphant Spectacular Filmmaking…A+" shown by National Geographic Channel. Combat in The Afghanistan Korengal Valley as you will ever see of the 173rd Infantry Airborne U.S. Army fighting the Taliban. A glimpse of the horror, anger, fear, camaraderie and a first hand look of the exceptional difficulties, and emotional challenges of Infantry Airborne soldiers face in battle. I salute those young men for their Bravery, Dedication & Service to our Country! Congrats to Staff Sergeant Sal Giunta who received the (Medal of Honor)! An Incredible Flim by Sebastian Jungar & Tim Hetherington. Winner 2010 Sundance Film Festival. "A MUST SEE - TRUE STORY!" Memories Are Forever!

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Laurie-J said...

Hi There, Found your site through Book Blogs. There is such horrible stuff going on in the world these days; Sometimes I am scared but mostly just so angry. The world seems so small and fragile. I don't honestly read much non-fiction - I prefer to read more fanciful stuff.

I appreciate so much though all your service in helping to keep us safe here at home so that I can enjoy doing the stuff I want to do. Thank you!