Monday, November 15, 2010

Ranger Lost Patrol Reunion & Book Signing Event: Desperate Lands

Ranger Lost Patrol Reunion & Book Signing Event: Desperate Lands:

It was an incredible day at the Ranger Lost Patrol Reunion & Book Signing Event: Desperate Lands!

It was such an honor and privilege to meet such legendary warriors and friends during this event! The event was held at the Double Tree Hotel, in Columbus, Georgia on 24-25-26 June 2010. I Thank everyone for your Troop Support and for buying my book Desperate Lands: The War on Terror Through The Eyes of a Special Forces Soldier.

It had been over 30 years since I had spoken or worked together with these legendary U.S. Army Rangers, and Special Forces friends. All I could remember was that we once worked & served together with C company, 2nd Battalion, 75th Rangers in Fort Lewis, Washington during our military careers in 1975 thru 1979. There were others who I had recently worked with, while I was in Africa and Afghanistan. All I can say is Memories Are Forever!

Our days went by sharing old stories from our past and wondering of certain friends and of their where abouts! Some were still on active duty working on the dark side in U.S. Special Operations, while others were working on world wide security contracts around the world. Some may say, why would someone ever want to work as a private contractor overseas especially in a war zone in Iraq and Afghanistan? There are many reasons! I salute these men for their Dedication & Service to our Country!

We were invited by a friend and given the opportunity to get a personal tour of the business opportunity in the world in private security overseas contractors working in war zones Iraq and Afghanistan and around the world. A tour of a spectacular private contactors facility, capable of training highly specialized personnel from the Department of Defense, Military, Law Enforcement Agencies and other foreign government business contractors. A job opportunity is there do you want it? For how long is the contract overseas and how dangerous is it? Frequent questions asked by selected few who desire the work.

More on this topic on the next coming blog!

Please enjoy some of the pictures taken during "Desperate Lands" Book Signing:

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Sheila Deeth said...

Fascinating to think about where they all are now and why.