Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Desperate Lands: The War on Terror Through The Eyes of a Special Forces Soldier

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-Your Thoughts of U.S. Special Forces soldiers in Afghanistan?

From The Front Lines of The War on Terror:

DESPERATE LANDS is the unprecedented story of U.S. Army Special Forces Soldiers and the missions they have carried out while fighting the war on terror in Horn of Africa and in Afghanistan.

The book is unique and timely, in that it tells the compelling story of our nation’s struggle and of its soldiers fighting a new and different war never fought before-a Global War onTerror.

The true story comes at a time when our nation has divided feelings and opinions about the war-a division that exists among both government leaders and the American people.

These pages offer a different perspective-that of the lower enlisted soldiers-reflecting their personal experience in combat zones in Africa and Afghanistan as they witness and experience the fog of war.

The author-Special Forces Master Sergeant Regulo Zapata, Jr.- shares his extraordinary journey through ancient and desperate lands at the front lines of this on going war.

Here are true stories-of sacrifice, bravery, excitement, horror, anger, tedium, fear, camaraderie, and more - a firsthand look behind the headlines at the reality of the exceptional and difficult challenges U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers face as they defend America against the terrorist threat.

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